The Bentley Flying Spur W12 and the Flying Spur W12 Mulliner continues the proud tradition of handcrafted excellence.
The Flying Spur W12 is designed for those who demand unrestrained luxury alongside uncompromising performance. The Flying Spur W12 delivers the ultimate motoring experience, for drivers and passengers alike in Southern California.

From the sharp lines of its super-formed aluminum exterior to the hand-crafted hides and veneers adorning the interior, the expertise of Bentley’s craftsmen is evident throughout. Every seam in the A-Grade leather is individually sewn, and every layer of veneer is lacquered and polished by hand. The entire cabin, from the wood and the leather to the architecture that supports the car’s digital technology has been fitted by hand.

While the 6 litre W12 engine can propel the new Flying Spur from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 200 mph, the environment inside remains one of absolute calm. This is achieved due to the specially designed soundproofing installed in the floor and the doors.

All-wheel drive with 40:60 front-to-rear torque split guarantees sure-footed performance, while the 8-speed transmission ensures the car is always in the optimum gear, so it is responsive at low speeds and incredibly smooth, even through multiple gear changes. The new engine management system, meanwhile, combines with new chassis hardware and software to give you total control, while also delivering better range. With its exquisite interior and the power it places at your fingertips, nothing brings luxury and performance together like the new Flying Spur.

Inside, the theme continues with diamond-quilted seats and door panels with perforated hides, drilled alloy sports pedals and a knurled sports gear lever. Throughout the car, Mulliner’s sporting heritage is combined exquisitely with the handcrafted luxury of the new Flying Spur. Offering calm and tranquil comfort, in combination with staggering performance, the new Flying Spur is born of the belief nothing is impossible.

The touchscreen Front Seat Infotainment System allows both driver and front passenger to operate the navigation system and adjust the audio, telephone, ride and comfort settings.

The optional multimedia specification with Wi-Fi hub provides internet access for tablets, laptops and phones. With its 64 GB internal hard drive, it provides enough room to share practically anything that can be stored on a modern-day digital device.

The rear seats include DVD players, wireless headphones and LCD screens, along with ports enabling you to connect consoles, tablets, cameras, music players and phones.
In the console in the back rests a detachable Touch Screen Remote. Relaxing in the hand-upholstered rear seats, passengers can adjust the climate settings, seat heating and ventilation, radio and navigation system and multimedia features.

Despite the Flying Spur’s powerful nature, every occupant enjoys generous legroom. From the organ-stop air vent controls to the touch screen Infotainment system and the Touch Screen Remote in back, passengers alike have never enjoyed so much control over their environment. There is simply no more luxurious sports sedan to be found in the Coachella Valley.

Todd Blue Featured in Land Rover and Jaguar Digital Media Showroom

1476021_10151779657816034_295678814_nOur very own Todd Blue, Chairman and CEO of indiGO Auto Group, is currently being featured on both Jaguar and Land Rover Digital Media Newsrooms!

Based in Houston, Todd Blue and his group are celebrating their achievements and their purchase of Rancho Mirage, Desert European Motorcars.  Both Jaguar and Land Rover recognize Todd Blue, indiGO Auto Group and their accomplishments throughout the California market place, each doing a separate piece on him for their respective websites.

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The 2014 Maserati Ghibli named an IIHS Top Safety Pick!

On November 26th, The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety today named the all-new 2014 Maserati Ghibli a 2013 Top Safety Pick.

The Ghibli features a twin-turbo V6 produced by Ferrari with up to 404 HP, an 8-speed automatic transmission, and is available in either rear or Q4 all-wheel-drive. This four-door sedan with a coupe-like appearance2014 Maserati Ghilblie embodies ‘The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary’ in the mid-size segment, effortlessly expressing performance, style, and luxury.  A sporty, youthful character, inspired design, and premium materials are now offered with the assurance of a 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick, further underlining the Ghibli’s authority as a ‘top pick’ for sport sedan buyers.

IIHS Top Safety Pick testing simulates a side impact with a large SUV or pickup truck, front moderate overlap impact, roof-crush consistent with a rollover, and a rear collision capable of inducing whiplash. In each, the Ghibli recorded the highest-possible rating of “good.”

And, Maserati covers all the customer care benchmarks expected of a luxury manufacturer: a four year/ 50,000 mile warranty, road-side assistance, loaner car service and more.

Peter Grady, Maserati North America, Inc.’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Luxury sport sedan drivers can now enjoy the style and performance expected of a Maserati, and the assurance of its status as a 2013 IIHS Top Safety Safety Pick.”

The 2014 Ghibli is equipped with a seven-airbag system to help provide occupant protection. At the front, two-stage airbags are concealed from the occupants inside the steering wheel and dashboard to help protect the head, face and chest in severe frontal accidents while a knee airbag helps protect the driver’s legs and reduces the femur load in certain crash situations. The chest and hips of the front occupants are further protected by the side airbags beneath the seat leather.

The sides of the occupants’ heads are further protected by two head “curtain” bags mounted in the roof of the car, next to the B-pillar. The “curtain” bags help protect the heads of the front and rear occupants against side impact.

The new Ghibli’s passive safety equipment has been designed to help achieve both maximum peace of mind for its occupants and to achieve five stars on the Euro NCAP crash test regime and IIHS, all without compromising its weight or fuel consumption.

Maserati has balanced these conflicting demands by using hot-formed steel in critical areas of the passenger compartment for added occupant safety, while using aluminum in other areas to save weight. In particular, the front of the passenger compartment features hot- molded steel components, with a magnesium dashboard strut to reduce weight, while the rear is stiffened with high strength steel.

The crumple zone areas at the front and rear of the car are made of extruded aluminum, while the doors, engine compartment and luggage compartment are in aluminum. Maserati’s engineers added a third load path to the front structure of the car to help dissipate load and distribute the forces on the car to help the stability of the body structure in frontal impacts.

Safety without compromise is the IIHS Top Safety Pick, the 2014 Maserati Ghibli.

2014 Maserati Ghibli

2014 Maserati Ghibli Interior Photos

The first-ever, mid-size four-door luxury sports car in Maserati’s history, the 2014 Ghibli, is blazing its own trail and creating its own legacy in Rancho Mirage and all of Southern California.

With a design accentuating more dynamic driving characteristics, it also delivers a personality more indicative of the aggressive visuals Maserati is known for, such as the feline curves around the grille and headlights.

The interior sets itself apart with a design meeting the needs of a sportier experience throughout the Southern California landscape, without losing any of the luxury expected in a Maserati.

Both the available V6 and V8 engines have parallel turbochargers, developed by Maserati Powertrain in partnership with Ferrari Powertrain, and will also be built by Ferrari in their construction facility in Maranello, Italy.

Using state-of-the-art, multi-link technology, with the option of the active Skyhook system, The Ghibli is set to reveal a character all its own with firm suspension and a commanding, powerful braking system.

The Ghibli is the only car in its class to use a standard mechanical limited slip differential to make sure you have the absolute best traction in every imaginable driving situation.

Safety is just as important as style and luxury, which is why the Ghibli chassis design is based around a rigid and exceptionally secure safety cell, utilizing an array of steel and aluminum alloys, delivering precise strength and minimal weight.

The Ghibli’s body is a steel-aluminum hybrid, shaped by Maserati designers to produce the kind of driving machines drivers in Rancho Mirage expect.  Slightly more width and a less height, the 2014 Maserati Ghibli blends an equal measure of aggression and elegance to make the Ghibli stand out no matter where it is.  If it’s cruising down highway 10, or a night out in Palm Springs, strikingly enticing precision and performance will turn heads throughout the Coachella Valley.

2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith

2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith

Rolls-Royce in Rancho Mirage has made a stunning and unforgettable debut for 2014 with the Rolls-Royce Wraith.

The Wraith encompasses the luxury, sophistication, hand-craftsmanship, and elegance known as the trademark standard of excellence throughout the entire world, while still displaying a unique character in power, grace, and dramatic excitement. It is these qualities the drivers of Southern California demand from their Rolls-Royce.

The Wraith began with luxury, refinement, and quality; the same traits as important today as they always have been amongst Rolls-Royce drivers.

Wraith’s comprehensive fastback design creates a distinctive personality with bold lines, tension in the panels, and a raked rear screen.  These aspects conjure the image of a panther, ready to leap into the open.

The deeply recessed grille, wide rear track and dramatic two-tone presentation further express the dynamic intention of a peerless automobile.

A lavish interior through coach doors, complete with the supplest Phantom-grade leathers and expanses of wood Canadel Paneling, only demonstrate further that the Wraith is without equal.

This contemporary and tactile finish cascades through the interior, pampering up to four occupants, awash in light and warmth.

The interior setting is accompanied by Starlight Headliner – 1,340 fibre optic lamps, hand-woven into the roof lining, gives the impression of a scintillating night sky.

The Wraith’s performance goes beyond what anyone expects from a Rolls-Royce, with a power delivery that is effortless, but dramatic, thanks to a V12 engine coupled to an 8-speed automatic ZF transmission. 624 bhp / 465kW is available to the driver while the 0-60 mph sprint is achieved in 4.4 seconds.  From 1,500 rpm 800 Nm of torque is available, while a wide rear track, shorter wheelbase and lower roof height further contribute to the most powerful, involved driving experience of any Rolls-Royce in history.

The car’s suspension has also been tuned to minimize body roll and discreetly amplify feedback when cornering.  Steering weight is heavier at high speeds and lighter at low speeds adding to the spirited drive.

To adjust for such power, agility improvements have been achieved with absolutely no compromise to the sensation of flying, as opposed to merely driving.

Satellite Aided Transmission (SAT) technology takes the powertrain to a new level of effortless delivery, one perfectly suited the Rolls-Royce brand. Satellite Aided Transmission uses GPS data to see beyond what the driver sees, and anticipates the next move based on location and current driving style, then selects the most appropriate gear for the terrain ahead. Corners, intersections, and highway junctions are all anticipated in advance. This means the Wraith is constantly poised to deliver on its promise of performance.

Rolls-Royce, the epitome of excellence, luxury, and performance, the name synonymous with “The Pinnacle” has improved upon their relentless approach to perfection with the 2014 Wraith.

A peerless driving experience for those in Rancho Mirage, and all of Southern California, who expect their car to be as unrivaled as they are.

All In A Day’s Work for Iron Man and Audi R8

Tony Stark’s car of choice? Audi R8 – for today anyway. He may get blasted by destructive villains on a daily basis, in and out of his suit. But at least he has the powerful performance and reliability of his Audi R8 to rely on. Visit the specialists at Desert European Motorcars in Rancho Mirage to see all that Audi has to offer.


With its standard 4.2L FSI V8 enginImagee, the Audi R8 features race-winning technology when you don’t have time to spare – rocketing from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds, and having no problem climbing to 187mph. The 6-speed manual transmission and Audi Space Frame causes the wind to whip around the exterior like Iron Man shooting through the atmosphere.


And what says the interior can’t be as awesome as the exterior? With a 10-way power adjustable heated leather sport seats with lumbar support and single-zone automatic climate control, your flight from home to work will be nothing less than enjoyable. The Audi R8 spares nothing in the way of technology – and Tony Stark would have it no other way! Equipped with the Audi concert system MP3 playback capabilities, as well as SiriusXM Satellite Radio ready, and the Bluetooth seatbelt mic, your entertainment is taken care of in style.


When your job of fighting the bad guys is over and you jump back into your Audi R8 for your trek home, be assured that the Homelink remote transmitter offers ease of sliding your sweet machine into its warm garage home. With its integrated overhead controls and simple 3-button system, it can open gates and garage doors alike, and even flip on the lights in your house if you so desire.


Come check out all that Audi offers by talking with the professionals at Desert European Motorcars. Oh, and don’t forget to catch all of the action of Iron Man in theaters on May 3rd!

The new 2013 Bentley Continental GT is sleek inside and out. With its sexy curves, dark mesh grille, twin exhaust pipes, and eight cylinders, this car is a soul machine. Talk to the experts at Desert European Motorcars in Rancho Mirage to find out more about everything a Bentley can bring to the road.

Performance and power is the name of the game with the 2013 Bentley Continental GT. When you press the start button you can feel the 4.0L V8 engine purr to life. Going from 0 to 60 in a mere 4.6 seconds and potential speeds of up to 188mph is child’s play for this powerful luxury sport car. Introducing an 8-speed transmission just adds to its premium performance.

The craftsmanship of the Bentley Continental GT is cutting-edge, from its technological features to its traditional aspects. Creased lines down the wings of the Continental GT is made possible by a new “superforming” technique, where graded aluminum heated to extreme temperatures and shaped dies are made using air pressure, all without joins or seams. The classic style upholstery uses a tried and true tanning process that preserves natural, rich aroma synonymous with the interior of a Bentley.

Entertainment hits a whole new level with the “infotainment” system of the Continental GT. The technology that standardly equips the Continental GT is an eight speaker/eight channel audio system, with 15GB of music storage. The infotainment technology included with this sleekly powerful machine is:
2013 Bentley Continental GT Marches To a Different Drum

• Touch-screen navigation system with live traffic updates

• 30GB Hard Drive permitting a nationwide mapping system

• Real-time tire pressure monitoring

• Access to smartphone contacts

Traditional wood, leather, and metal accents add to the modern, sporty design of this youthful Continental GT. Special veneer brings a clean appearance that enhances the interior giving it a 3D type effect.


This 2013 Bentley Continental GT has a way of calming moods or stirring up the soul. Come talk to our experts at Desert European Motorcars today so they can show you what a phenomenal car you can drive away with.